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Tourism in the Philippines played a significant role in the economy. The country is often known for its famous tourist spots in different parts of it. And when the Zapp Family from Argentina came last November 22, 2010, our fellow Filipinos welcomed them with warm hospitality and pride ourselves the various places in the country as often seen and told in different local news articles and TV shows.
It was known that the Zapp family had travelled together in 45 countries with four children and a 1928 vintage Graham Paige car. Hearing their journeys was amazingly incredible.
But what was not mentioned, They went here with a tourist visa or what is known as a 9 (a) visa. It is usually good for 59 days and in case you want to stay in the Philippines for a longer period, you will have to have it extended and the cost is quite hefty. The Zapp family was an exceptional case. When Herman Zapp learned of the cost, he asked advice from one of lawyers and it was suggested to him to secure an endorsement from the Department of Tourism and that the Bureau of Immigration in the past has agreed to waive its fees in situations where there are favorable endorsements from other government agencies. In this case, the presence of the Zapp family in the country was good for the tourism industry since they had wanted to travel around the country.
A lawyer from assisted Herman Zapp, the head of the family to the Department of Trade (DOT) and had a personal audience with Secretary Bertie Lim. In turn, Sec. Lim made a formal request to the BID for the waiver of the fees. When there was a snag in the BID regarding its action on the matter, we followed it up with OIC Ledesma. Eventually, the Zapp family got the renewal of their visas and all of the fees were waived.
Managing Director and CEO, Mr. Joe Riley worked on the customs issue. The vintage car of the Zapp family which they use to travel around was detained in the port area and Mr. Riley managed to expedite the release. Eventually, the vintage car became a showcase in several places in Makati.
The Zapp family is not the only case that extended its legal service. Another instance was when there was a client who wanted to put up a business here in the Philippines. We started from zero in the sense that we helped the client put up a corporation and assist in getting the necessary local permits to do business in Makati. This required liaison work with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the BID for the visa.
secured the necessary alien employment permit for the client and applied for a special visa for employment generation (SVEG) which is a special visa issued to foreign investors who do business here and employ at least 10 Filipino workers.
can also help you in drafting and preparation of contracts and legal consultations on various issues like labor and immigration laws.
All over the years, provides the right people with the right skills at the right time since pursuing excellence and engaging customer intimacy, we believed that we went beyond as a total Recruitment Solutions partner.

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